Dakota Pride Cooperative Buyer’s Advantage

Dakota Pride Cooperative works with buyers to find a suitable variety to meet their end use needs. Buyers can be assured they will receive a product that maximizes their operation.

Our Promise

  • We’ll work with you to identify the ingredient characteristics you need to produce a profitable product.
  • We’ll identify varieties of grains and/or oilseeds that will achieve your desired characteristics.
  • Our producers will grow exactly to your specifications and guarantee quality¬†from planting through delivery.
  • You’re guaranteed the highest level of identity preservation.
  • Our cooperative will clean, store and ship all crops to your specification assuring purity and quality through¬†Identity Ag Processing, an International Certification Services (ICS) facility located in Casselton, ND. Identity Ag Processing is a company that Dakota Pride Cooperative is part owner in.

Checking Wheat Samples

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